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Bowler Spotlight – Mark Ricci

What’s your favorite Pro Series alley that you have bowled at and why?
I like them all.

What’s your favorite Pro Series format and why?
Skins.  I love that format.  It’s awesome, and it is really cool.  I love the idea of bowling box per box.

Most memorable Pro Series moment?
Winning the Bob Caliri’s doubles tournament with Dave Mallahan as a precursor to the actual Pro Series.  We were able to battle through some great bowlers including Mark Strangio, Mark Smith, Dave Godwin, Chris Sargent, Shawn Baker, and Mike Morgan.  It was a great day, and I wasn’t quite sure I was going to make it since I was at work.

Best match you’ve been involved in outside the Pro Series?
In 2007 I made the finals of the World’s singles knockout. It was intense and it was on the biggest stage.

 September 2nd, 2012  
 Rich Limone  
 Bowler Spotlight  
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