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Bowler Spotlight – Jeff Surette

I finally got the “interview”  I figured it was time.  As far as I am concerned Jeff is THE voice of the candlepin bowling world so I am going to make fun of him now.  It’s my site, and I can do that!

What’s your favorite Pro Series alley that you have bowled at and why?
My favorite place is Leda Lanes.  I just think it is a wonderful place.  The pin action is perfect in my opinion. [Don’t they host the Easter Classic at Leda?]

What’s your favorite Pro Series format and why?
I like them all so it is hard to pick.  I guess I would have to say the doubles event are my favorite.  Those events are always the biggest.  Just overall a very fun tournament. [I actually think this a great answer since it’s the first person to mention the doubles event]

Most memorable Pro Series moment?
Most memorable would have to be the 1st event we ever held at Cape Ann in Gloucester.  No particular reason, just the fact I will always remember the very first one. [Yet another good answer.  He’s not just a decent bowler with great looks, wait, strike that, a great bowler with decent looks, he’s got a brain too!]

Best match you’ve been involved in outside the Pro Series?
I would have to say the best match is the same one Sam Dagostino mentioned.  Find Sammy’s interview to see what I am talking about :-).  That was absolutely something that you don’t forget.  Hope that does the trick for you.  LOL!  [Sammy’s response below.  Seem to remember Sammy single-handedly helping you win the random draw doubles in Maine two years ago – AND he’s providing material for you. You should put him on your personal payroll!]

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of quite a few good matches but my favorite match is probably a Friday Night Pro League playoff match.  It was my first year with Candlewood (Chris Boisvert, myself, Steve Plante, Eric Pelletier, and Jeff Surette).  We finished 4th in the regular season and had to bowl the league champions in the 1st round at Metro which was St. Joseph’s ([Shawn] Baker, [Cookie] Richards, [Bill] Treeful, [Gary] Carrington, and Sarge).  We were down about 150 pins around the middle of the 2nd string of a 3-string match.  Chris Boisvert ignites us with a triple strike and we slowly chip away the rest of the match until we pull close to even with 2 boxes for everyone to go.  We go back and forth the last 2 boxes and Jeff marks out his last 2 boxes to give us the victory.

 September 10th, 2012  
 Rich Limone  
 Bowler Spotlight  
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