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Big Game – Nick “Freshy” Zuffelato

Well, it was a great day for a tournament – a little snow, and an awesome football game that interrupts even better commercials.  I know that Nick Zuffelato is thankful, that’s for sure.  Metro bowl in Peabody had their annual Superbowl tournament.  Nick started out a with a great half.  It’s always nice sitting down with 75 and a ball.  Little did he know what was going to follow for a second half…

freshie01A series of nine fills and spares he was sitting 132 in the eighth with a fill ball.  A triple in the ninth pushed him to 172, meaning he was at 192 with one ball remaining in the 10th frame.

It was a great day for Nick, as he didn’t even realize he was on pace for the 200 game.  He said to me “[I] actually had no idea I was pace for 200.  I missed the head pin, left up the 1,3,6 and a piece of wood came runnin along and took it out.  I knew I hit it when everoyne started to cheer when it fell haha”

Good for you man.  You’ve done what we all hope to do one time, throw that elusive 200 game.  Good job, and good luck on a 201!

 February 3rd, 2013  
 Rich Limone  
 Big Games  
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