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Hello everyone.  I just want thank you for helping make this site what it is today.  Its only been active for eight months, and the traffic is beyond what I ever thought it would be.  The site has had nearly 9,000 unique users, almost 27,000 visits, and close to 660,000 hits!

stats2012I am overwhelmed by your constant support.  I know that the biggest group of users are from the United States and Canada, but I never imagined the “global” impact the site would have with users coming to visit from all corners of the world including Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Romania, and even 1 visitor from Tanzania!  I hope those folks from outside the “inner” circle of the bowling world keep coming back.

I’ve received A TON of feedback regarding the site and the forum, and I try to address all of those concerns to the best of my ability, and yeah, I’m a computer geek, and I know some code, but not enough.  You asked to be able to enter your first and last name when registering, done.  I have fixed the BIGGEST issue with the registration is that you can now enter your OWN password instead of having that random one created for you.  Having the password created for you was by far the most annoying thing.  Fixing the video size took some time, but that was just an issue with the theme of the blog, and now you can watch URBtv as much as you’d like without having to re-size the window.stats2013

I will update the site as much as possible, and now I have a handful of tools that will allow me to provide you more content on a much more rapid basis.  It got to the point where the site wasn’t updating nearly enough, and I hope to alleviate that with content, content, content.  This site is about candlepin bowling, and the people that live, breath, and eat our favorite game.  This site is for everyone. I may own the site and pay the bills, but this is supposed to be the heartbeat of bowling, and the site has gotten away from that.  The constant traffic is what motivates me to press on.  If you want me to post information about your league send along an email.  Need to recruit bowlers? Just have me make an announcement here that I can post for you.  Use the forum to your heart’s content.  It’s going to be there forever, and you can post links, videos, and pictures without a problem.   If the forum needs a new section tell me.  If you have an idea for the site, run it by me.  I am open to any and all ideas.  This site for my audience, and those that love candlepin bowling as much as I do.

Let’s start discussing how to save this game!  I always hate to agree with pops, but “heavy hands make light work”.  I can’t do alone, no one can.  The more information I provide, if I can get one person hooked, and that leads to two, and then four, we are on to something.

Let’s go people, post away!  Make requests!  Talk about your leagues.  Want me to add something, tell me!

My email is rlimone@everythingcandlepin.com for those that drop me a line about the state of the site.

 April 12th, 2013  
 Rich Limone  
 Everything Candlepin  
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