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Big Game – Tom Bishop

I hadn’t checked my email in a few days, but I should do it more often!  I got an email from Tom Bishop recently telling me of his exploits shooting his new high single – 203!

tbishopIt’s always nice to have a string that you start with a triple strike, but to then throw a second one, that’s just great.  Let’s not discount the nine drop in the eighth box, looking at the sheet it could have been a four bagger.

It’s also great that he managed to hit his 200 game with the fill in the 10th.  When you get that close, and need either a big fill in the 10th, or have to pin out for the 200, those can be the most difficult pins in the world to hit!  Tom got it out of the way with the six fill, and the three pins were just icing on the cake!

Way to go Tom on your accomplishment.  Keep throwing them, and we’ll keep posting them!

 May 10th, 2013  
 Rich Limone  
 Big Games  
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