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Bowler Spotlight – TJ DePietro

What’s your favorite Pro Series alley that you have bowled at and why?
I would have to say Big 20 in Maine.  The approaches are nice and smooth on all the lanes and the pins have some give and take so its not deflating like some houses where you get no breaks at all.

What’s your favorite Pro Series format and why?
I would say the singles format is my favorite because I know what to expect for myself and there’s no variables I can’t put into play and there’s no added pressure of letting somebody else down like in a doubles tournament.

Most memorable Pro Series moment?
So far my most memorable Pro Series memory is placing second in the doubles tournament.  Unfortunately [it] is my only place in the Pro Series so far but I would definitely say that’s my most memorable as of right now.

Best match you’ve been involved in outside the Pro Series?
My best match isn’t really a match in a league or tournament – it was my single matches when I first started bowling on the Sunday night league.  After the league I would pull money matches against a Barber and he actually taught me a lot in those matches – how to hit shots and actually make things happen with the pins I didn’t know could happen; where today I can do that now.  It really is what made me into the bowler I am today.  I didn’t win some money from them but you know it taught me how to win those match types of matches.

 February 16th, 2015  
 Rich Limone  
 Bowler Spotlight  
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