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14-15 Friday Night Pro – Week 24

Hello everyone.  A little behind here, but working on catching up with content.  Week 24 has come and gone this season, and we had some solid scoring this week.  Bobby Whitcomb’s 128-148-140 for a 416 total led the way Friday night.  Some other huge scores in week 24 with Jay Simoneau (subbing for Malden I) hitting 146-131-134 for a 411!  Rounding out the 400’s were Ed Woodside (09-32-62 – 403), Jeff Surette (45-19-38 – 402), Rich Moran (72-22-08 – 402), and Al Kecyk (15-56-30 – 401).  Good scoring overall on this night, congrats to those guys hitting over 4!

Complete stats can be found here.

 March 5th, 2015  
 Rich Limone  
 Friday Night Pro  
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