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Malden Summer Doubles

Hi Everyone,

This will be the main page for the 2014 Malden Bowladrome Summer Doubles league.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience during the first night. We were able to sort out a bunch of major details that we wanted to address during our meeting and we feel as though we’ve accomplished that.

Please have a look at the results of the first week posted below. We saw some impressive bowling, notable a 712 high series by Mark Ricci and a sensational single string of 175 by Jonathan Boudreau. I think this is just the beginning of some great scoring this summer!

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 1


Week 2

Hey Bowlers,

Week 2 had some pretty impressive bowling. There were ten 600’s thrown, and even one 700 series! Nick Norcross’ 714 is the league’s new high series.  Congratulations Nick. For those who’d like to see Nick Norcross bowl, he’ll be facing your very own Malden Bowladrome Pro Team in the Friday Night Pro League Playoffs tomorrow at Academy Lanes in Haverill. The action starts at 10 AM…..come watch!

Here are your week 2 results:

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 2


Week 3

We have a new high series! Thrown by Jonathan Boudreau, the Malden Summer Doubles league high series now tallies up to a 724. Tony Iannuzzi went into #beastmode and threw last week’s high single at an impressive 173. This could be the best league that Malden Bowladrome has ever seen! Check out the stats and see for yourself! New to the stats: I added a “Win %” column to the front page. This is the percentage of available points won by each team.

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 3


Week 4

Hey everyone….week 4 is in the books! Stats are done. Have a look at them down below. Please be patient for week 5 stats, because I (Frank) will be in California on our honeymoon. I’ll keep this short because if you all don’t mind I’m gonna go get married now!!!!

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 4


Week 5

Hi everyone. Not much for me to write because I wasn’t at our bowling league this week. I should make note that Sam Dagostino has now joined the league as a full time bowler. The only fair way to proceed was to adjust his scores from the beginning, meaning he had a league average after week 1. Handicaps and points have been adjusted accordingly. It also should be noted that Keith Beaupre has substituted in the league 3 times in the league now, meaning that his 119 Malden average will be used going forward if he subs again. Here are your standings. The Excel spreadsheet is what you’re used to seeing. The PDF files is for those only interested in standings and averages.

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 5 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 5 – PDF


Week 6

Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there! The season’s starting to shape up and it’s getting pretty close up at the top! FYI: We have a spot available for someone looking to bowl full time. Please let us know if you’re aware of anyone who’d like to bowl. For now, take a look at this week’s stats!

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 6 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 6 – PDF


Week 7

Moving right along, we’re already approaching week 8! Week 7 had some very solid bowling, especially by none other than my very own teammate Brian Fournier. Sorry for the late post. I went on a 20 mile canoe trip this weekend. My advice to you: DON’T go on a 20 mile canoe trip, it’s backbreaking (but really fun!)……Check out your stats below!


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 7

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 7


Week 8

Hi Everyone,

Stats are done. Sorry for the delay. Please take a minute to review the Rules page of the spreadsheet. I revised it to include some details that I omitted prior to the start of the league. We’ve had a couple scorchers for bowling the last couple weeks…makes it harder to bowl!!! See everyone Wednesday.


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 8

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 8


Week 9


Please take note that the extra match is coming up this weekend! On Sunday July 13 at 2PM, we will be bowling our “Week 11″ matches. This date was agreed upon during the meeting that we had prior to the first night of bowling. Subs may be used, and prebowls are allowed as long as you do it before Sunday. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to Frank, Rich or Brian Wednesday night. Here are your stats:


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 9 - Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 9 – PDF


Week 10

Week 10 is in the books! Remember that we are all bowling tomorrow Sunday 7/13/14 @ 2PM at Ryan Family Amusements to complete our “Week 11″ matches. See everyone there! Check stats below:


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 10 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 10 – PDF


Week 11

Thanks for agreeing to sacrifice a Sunday afternoon to allow an additional week everyone! It was good to see everyone on a weekend and we feel that this extra match went very well. Check out the stats below, things are still pretty tight at the top!


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 11 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 11 – PDF


Week 12

Hope everyone had a good week! Here are your stats.


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 12 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 12 – PDF


Week 13

Hey Everyone. We had an awesome week with some big bowling scores! Congrats to my teammate Brian Fournier on his second career 700 series!


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 13 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 13 – PDF


Week 14

Sorry for the late post everyone. Really busy week!


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 14 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 14 – PDF


Week 15

We’re coming near the end! Only 3 more weeks left!


Malden Summer Doubles – Week 15 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 15 – PDF


Week 16

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 16 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 16 – PDF


Week 17

Thanks for an exciting summer everyone! Overall we think the league ran smoothly this year, and we thank you all for that. Of course, we’ll be revisiting the rules and other factors this year for which we found flaws. We certainly welcome suggestions at any point in time.  We hope to see everyone come back next year! As of now, we are considering the same format of 18 teams max due to scheduling. If you bowled in the league this year, you get your spot back if you plan to come in as the same team. We will determine other arrangements for teams at a later time.

If you’re looking to keep coming back to Malden Bowladrome over the winter, make sure to come check out the Friday Pro League! This year, Malden has two teams bowling. Malden 1 consists totally of bowlers of this league: Frank DeLuca. Bobby Doherty, Brian Fournier, Rich Limone, and Jay Shiner. Malden 2 also features some house bowlers in Rich Cocchi, Robert Doherty, and the Big Beast Bitch Mike Spinazola. Schedule can be seen here.

As of now, the individual prizes stand as follows:

High Average: Jonathan Boudreau 131.13

High Series: Nick Norcross 714

High Single: Tony Iannuzzi 173

Here are your stats for position night. Good luck everybody!

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 17 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 17 – PDF


Week 18 – Position Night

Thanks for a great summer everyone! We feel as though the league ran smoothly this year, and we are eager to hear any feedback for next year. Congratulations to Brandon Marks and Sonja Hutchinson of Two for the Money on taking first place this year! We saw some extraordinary bowling from all bowlers including Jonathan Boudreau winning high average with a 130.50 avg, Nick Norcross winning high series at 714, and Tony Iannuzzi with a high single of 173. We hope to see everyone back next year. A couple of things we have tentatively decided for next year is to stick with 18 teams, giving everyone their spot back if they come back as the same team, and also eliminating subs and only allowing pre-arranged matches for pre-bowls. Of course, this will all be discussed once we get ready to start up for next year. Ryan’s Family Amusements thanks you, we (Rich, Brian, Frank) thank you…enjoy this final update by checking out a cumulative report of all of this year’s stats. Feel free to print it and share it with everyone!

Malden Summer Doubles 2014 – Final Booklet – PDF

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 18 – Excel

Malden Summer Doubles – Week 18 – PDF




 May 11th, 2014  
 Frank DeLuca