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Bowler Spotlight – Jeff Walsh

What’s your favorite Pro Series alley that you have bowled at and why?
I really liked Vacationland in Maine.  I felt really comfortable there.  The pin action was good.

What’s your favorite Pro Series format and why?
The Random Draw Doubles without a doubt.  The randomness of getting someone you may have never bowled with before and now, “hey we’re a team, let’s go!”

Most memorable Pro Series moment?
Winning the Pro Series teams tournament in 2011-2012 at Ficcio’s Bowladrome.

Best match you’ve been involved in outside the Pro Series?
I was part of the mixed teams double elimination tournament at Fun Time Lanes in Holyoke with Mike MacIntosh, Brian Dykes, Mark Ricci, and Richie Myrick.  Myrick picked up a spare in the tenth frame with an eight fill to create a tie and force a two box roll-off.  We had already lost one string, but managed to win the roll-off and stayed alive.

 September 2nd, 2012  
 Rich Limone  
 Bowler Spotlight  
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